About Me.

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“Crocs™ are the physical manifestation of Comic Sans”

-Aman Srivastava, 2016

Hello. I'm Aman Srivastava and I'm a 26 year old graphic and interaction designer. I completed my Undergraduate studies in Interaction Design from The Design Village, and obtained my Masters' Degree in Digital Design from L'École de Design, Nantes Atlantique. I am constantly trying to better my skill set by taking up numerous freelance projects and working for companies, institutions and organisations that provide me with ample exposure and an opportunity to learn. I've had a passion for design since my school days and wish to continue in this field, especially interface and digital design, branding, and minimalism.

I am an intersectional feminist, and am passionate about football, fashion and music aside from design and try to produce work that speaks boldly of my political influences as well socio-cultural influences from various sub-disciplines of art.

I am currently working as a UI/UX Designer at Think Design.

Listen Up.

I think music is a great way for people to connect and get to know each other. It’s an easy conversation starter.

So why don’t you have a listen to the kind of music I’m listening to right now, and let me know what you think.

I’ll try and update this section as often as possible.