Serendipity Arts Festival 19in20

Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF) is one of the largest multi-disciplinary arts initiatives in the South Asian region, organised by Serendipity Arts Foundation. Committed to innovation and creativity, the aim of the Foundation is to support practice and research in the arts, as well as to promote sustainability and education in the field through a range of cultural and collaborative initiatives. The festival itself, held once a year in Panaji, Goa, spans the visual, performing and culinary arts, whilst exploring genres with film, live arts, literature and fashion.

My engagement with Serendipity Arts Foundation began as an internship back in 2017, and after the completion of my undergraduation, I joined them as a full-time Graphic & Interaction Designer.

After four successful years of hosting the largest multidisciplinary arts festival in India, the foundation wanted to bring an excerpt from the festival's past to Delhi.An unfinished construction site which had a lot of character was handed to us as the venue and so I wanted the design language that I created for this festival to similarly reflect the bareness and ruggedness of the site. Contrary to the festival’s usual vivid and colourful branding, we chose neutral colours and concrete-like texture to make the visuals appear toned down yet as impactful and inviting.

Hence, the design language was grainy and achromatic, with one accent color staring vividly in the face of Delhi’s audience and its dreary, grey urban milieu. The imagery was supplemented by visuals of elements captured on the site itself. The design also heavily focused on the notion of time and change; past and the present, unfolding at the same time. The language in the creatives depicted this duality and uncertainty, through its recurrent ‘it might be time’ and ‘it is time’ phrasing, lending a strong recall value at the same time.


Photo of billboard showing SAF 19in20 branding
Photo of billboard showing SAF 19in20 branding


Photo of a print advertisment for SAF 19in20


Photo of an accreditation badge for SAF 19in20


Photo of poster variations designed for SAF 19in20


Photo of diaries showing SAF 19in20 branding
Photo of diaries showing SAF 19in20 branding

Tote Bags

Photo of tote bags showing SAF 19in20 branding
Photo of tote bags showing SAF 19in20 branding
Photo of tote bags showing SAF 19in20 branding

VIP Invite

Photo of the VIP invite for SAF 19in20


Mockup of the SAF 19in20 website

Social Media

Photo of a social media post showing SAF 19in20 branding