Simplex @ Design_360

Our submission for an overnight Designathon where we had to create a banking app.

Designed alongside Prabhav Khandelwal and Vaibhav Dhawan.

We won the award for Best User Interface.

Personal finance is an issue that a lot of people in our generation struggle with. With the advent of plastic money and online shopping, it gets easier and easier to spend money and harder to keep track of it in a tangible manner. Even though the technology these days is paramount in these industries, people still have trouble accessing and digesting the plethora of financial information presented to them in their banking apps. Our surveys told us that a majority of the population is still troubled by the cumbersome user-experience, clunky interfaces and the sheer indigestible amount of information bombarded at them in these banking/financial planning apps.
We wish to provide them with the means and ability to channelize their income in an efficient and productive manner, so as to balance their expenditures with saving and investment goals.

Read detailed case study here.