As part of my Undergraduate studies, I attended L’École de Design, Nantes Atlantique for a semester-long exchange program.

During my time there as a student of Digital Media Design, I had to work on a final submission, known as the “Long Project”.

Our class was split up in pairs, and I teamed up with Nathalie Strindlund.

We ended up creating Modesphere—a solution for maintaining personal space in a shared car.

The Brief.

In a multi-device context, design a screen based product or service targeting the user experience in the car of the near future.

The Client.

Interactive services for connected devices with focus on immersive video content across multiple screens

The Topic.

Many consider their car a personal space because of the feeling of freedom coming with isolation, me-time, and adaption.

The Context.

In the near future, sharing a car with others will become more popular. This also means sharing a personal space which makes it harder to isolate, have me-time and adapt it.

How can we keep a sense of personal space while sharing a car with others?