The design brief for this project was to first pick a topic that was close to me; something that I would be passionate about. After singling out a topic, I had to find problems that I wanted to address. Following which, I had to conduct research and come up with a preliminary solution. Then to test my solution, I had to carry out interviews and surveys to get feedback from my users. Then finally the idea was to gamify my solution, in order to make it as fun to use as possible.

I started off by writing down a list of things that were close to me. Then after discussion with my faculty, I decided to chose “interaction through sports” as my topic, because I have been playing football for over 10 years now, and I found it a struggle to find people to play with, and a place to play, especially when my family moved to a new area.
I wanted to address this problem, and hopefully solve it to the best of my abilities.

The solution was a Mobile Application, that helps you do the following things:

  1. Connect with people with similar sports interests.
  2. Find a place to play.
  3. Find the equipment required.
  4. Join and create competitions and events in order to become better at your sport.

I also thought about ways to gamify the app, and the following things were added in order to achieve that:

  1. Sports games within chat.
  2. A compatibility meter, to show you the potential compatibility you will have with another user.
  3. A ranking system, which is specific to your sport.
  4. Promotions, like discounts on places and equipment, as well as featured users who have a higher matching rate.