Periods—A Social Media Campaign

For a campaign centred around menstrual health and the dearth of conversation around it, I made three components to talk about the bigger picture. All three intend to mirror the usual discomfort surrounding the issue.

The first imagery is meant to be provocative, with a stained sanitary napkin as a tongue. The idea is to call out men who use periods as a punch line rather than have serious conversations about it. An outspoken imagery like this draws people's attention.

I thought of another manner we can bring the matter to the mainstream - emojis. Emojis are used by people with smartphones all day, almost every single day. They provide an easy way to express how you're feeling. My period emojis show a gradual increase in staining perhaps to make women more comfortable talking about their symptoms, problems and health during periods.

The third component is a GIF showing a normal newsfeed which is more often than not, filled with things that are more concerned with unnecessary digs on women's pre-menstrual symptoms and how "crazy" they get rather than talk about what happens during PMS, what are the symptoms and why do we need to pay attention to them.

A lot of women in India don't get access to menstrual health because we have failed to bring this issue into the mainstream.

This was my go at it.